A new era of functionality: BergaCare AquaLipids

In contrast to base oils, active oils are characterized by high proportions of vitamins, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids for enhanced regenerative and cosmetic effects. BergaCare AquaLipids are also technically advanced for ease of use of the valuable but sensitive active ingredients. As they are water-dispersible, new formulations can be designed quickly and therefore cost-effectively, or simply added to existing formulations for added functional benefits.

The active oils of BergaCare AquaLipids are not chemically modified and all are of natural origin. Moreover, they readily mix with water without the need for solubilizers, thus enhancing skin compatibility and reducing the foaming sensation during application.

BergaCare AquaLipids are double winners of the BSB Award: First place in the category "Cosmetic Raw Materials/ Functionalities and Recipients" and second place with BergaCare AquaLipids Melon BK in the category "Natural Products".

Advantages at a glance:

  • Liquid products, easy to disperse in water at room temperature (cold processable)
  • Add-in approach
  • Care, occlusivity, TEWL reducing
  • Incorporation of valuable plant oils without solubilizers, no soaping effect
  • Active oils are protected against oxidatio
  • Pleasant sensory, even improvement of sensory and consistency

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