Our ingredients for beautiful skin.

With the creation of a separate division for cosmetic specialties at Berg + Schmidt Oleo in 2012, the foundation was laid for the development of new, innovative and high-tech cosmetic ingredients to be offered alongside our existing portfolio of functional lipids, namely cosmetic esters, fatty alcohols, and fatty acids. We started our sales activities by supplying shea butter under the now well-known brand name of BergaCare SB. A commonly used raw material, we supply in excellent quality. Our famous and award-winning thickening emulsifier BergaMuls ET 1 was invented during that time as well, and we were far ahead of the trend curve with this up-cycled product. The development was based on a collaboration with our sister food company Hydrosol. We are part of the interdisciplinary Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, and can benefit in many ways from its outstanding expertise in all kinds of food applications.

Within the last decade, successful and innovative products for certified natural cosmetic products have grown out of our initial ideas. At Berg+Schmidt Cosmetics, we offer approved natural and sustainable cosmetic raw materials, which are state of the art, and which answer market and consumer needs. It is our aim to make our customers' and consequently formulators' lives easier by finding smart solutions for their formulation challenges. The focus of all our activities lies on healthy and vital skin, and we are passionate about finding new ways to improve skin quality. With our application laboratory in the Stern-Technology Center near Hamburg, we have access to new technologies and can further learn from our food colleagues.

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